The Beginning

I was going to wait to start this until I could get a nice blog going under the domain name But the name is currently being held hostage by the URL gods and there’s so much crazy stuff going on right now that I figured it wouldn’t be right to make the world wait another second to hear what I have to say. Since this is my personal blog, it doesn’t really have much of a theme or trajectory, so writing an introduction seems rather pointless. Regardless, here are a few things you will almost certainly read about here at one time or another:

  • International politics
  • U.S. politics
  • Travel
  • National Public Radio
  • The media
  • Funny things I see in the street
  • Barack Obama
  • Photography
  • Turkey (the country, not the bird — though this isn’t to say that turkeys of the fowl persuasion won’t make an appearance!)
  • Grammar
  • Nostalgia
  • My love-hate relationship with social networking
  • The disastrous economic situation and its effect on my finding a job
  • Health care
  • Long Island
  • Shirtless Vladimir Putin

Comments are welcome; spam is not. Enjoy!


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